Jared Brill

commented on Contact 2015-01-01 14:18:07 -0800
Well my intuition was totally correct! We have very similar backgrounds, and are doing the exact same thing in our life right now: Help strengthen people’s lives via a website/blog and community relationships! I am working on a life strengthening hub/blog where I would like to help folks with Marketing their life needs, and helping with spreading awareness and alternatives! My motto is:

Basics. Better^ Brilliant* (Last name is Brill !) I have some coding/html experience, but it looks like you have almost mastered it with that website, looks awesome! Well I am thrilled to say the least that we have connected, a phone chat is needed for the near future! I want to strengthen my blogs, and you may be a good person to talk to about it because your site is great! Here are a couple of my projects:



Talk soon :)


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