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With so many people having to stay home because of COVID-19, there were so many local and national news stories about the fear of domestic abuse rates rising. It really haunted me knowing that not only had this horrible situation gotten worse for so many people, but that it exists in the first place. (I knew this was a problem, but I guess I’m saying I was made more aware of it…)

Since abuse is something you talk about on your site (which is WONDERFUL, by the way — this is something we need to be aware of at ALL times), may I ask you to add some additional information that will hopefully shed some light on this topic?

Recognizing child abuse

10 Safety Measures Domestic Abuse Survivors Can Take to Feel More Secure in Their Homes

Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

The Pet Sitter’s Plan of Action: Red Flags of Animal Abuse, and How to Help

Domestic Violence and Addiction: How Are They Connected?

Warning Signs of Child Abuse ? and How Babysitters Can Safely Reach Out for Help

Asking the Toughest Question: Am I An Abusive Parent?

How to Create a Comforting Home Atmosphere for Survivors of Abuse

What Are the Short- and Long-Term Effects of Emotional Abuse?

If you add it to a page like this one (-, my hope is it will help those who visit your site looking for solutions and resources for more help.

Thank you in advance, and thanks for all you’re already doing!


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