7 Types of Identity Theft

You Should Know- There Are 7 Major Types of Identity Theft

When people hear the words 'identity theft' they usually think of credit reports and bank accounts, and those famous and funny credit card commercials.Financial identity theft is not the only way your identity can be stolen. 

1.Financial Identity Theft- the type everyone thinks about when they hear the words Identity Theft.

2.Medical Identity Theft- This type of identity theft can kill you! Someone may have used your identity to receive medical treatment. If you are rushed to the emergency room unconscious how could you possibly tell them your correct blood type? Our services help catch issues like this before it becomes life threatening.

3.Criminal Identity Theft- When a criminal uses your name and information when they are booked and released for a crime, that YOU did not commit.

4.Driver's License/ID Identity Theft- Easiest one to occur via lost or stolen purse or wallet. Your IDs are then sold to people who look like you and can use your license to obtain social security cards etc. in your name. This also applies to work style IDs with fob entry to restricted areas.

5.Social Security Identity Theft- Easiest way for a criminal to not pay taxes.

6.Synthetic Identity Theft-This is the (latest thing) in the identity theft world. The thief will take parts of information from many victims and combine it to make a whole 'new' person.

7.Child Identity Theft- Kids are a great identity to steal as they do not start checking their credit reports until they start working around 16 years old or turn 18 and are a legal adult. The thief in these cases is almost always a family member or close friend. The thief hopes that the relationship established with the child's parents will prevent charges being filed against them.

Identity Theft:

Each year it happens to countless victims who innocently give their credit cards to servers in restaurants.

Even if you are cautious when making an ATM transaction, identity thieves can be watching you type in your PIN or rig a bank machine to copy your bank card.

Shredding may not be enough to keep dumpster divers from finding copies of your checks, credit card statements and other personal paperwork that leads to identity theft.

It's not just on-line purchases that are vulnerable to identity theft. In fact, online transactions are a small majority of identity fraud cases.

You should know that identity theft happens every day to people from all walks of life. What can you do to combat this crime? The Identity Theft ShieldSM provides a suite of services designed with detection and RESTORATION in mind. Our competitors focus on detection, like what your credit card company may offer, we want to restore your name to where it was before the issue occurred!

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