Some People Just Don't Like Cheerios in Their Super Bowl

What should have been seen as just another commercial of an average American family ended up turning into the biggest racist backlash story of Super Bowl 2014. What caused all the ruckus? The family was interracial. 


From the mouths of babes :The Find Bros., YouTube content creators ask kids for their insight on this commercial and the controversy it created in their popular Kids React series.

We live in a world that is ethnically diverse it is time to come to a place of acceptance on the matter. Share your ethnic heritage below. Be sure to include any anecdotes that come to mind when dealing with intolerance in your own life.


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Fifty People, One Question- Dallas

This video is proof positive that scarcity is a false concept we all agree to believe is true. We don't all want or need the same things and therefore it is not possible to "run out" More of that "thing" can always be made, produced or found. Our problem is not scarcity our problem is access to resources. 


Sometimes we also discover we have things in common with people we would never expect to have things in common with. Other times our ideas of what would make us happy are entirely off base and we change our minds entirely. What is your idea of the "perfect day"?

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