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WAGE WAR ON WASTE. In the United States, we use approximately 3,000 paper towels per person outside
the home each year. This translates to roughly 60 million gallons of water consumed and about 72,000 trees
felled, or 8 very large garbage bags per person per year for a product that is used for seconds and thrown
away. In addition to the staggering amount of natural resources, most paper towels end up in landfills where
they do not readily decompose, and when they do, they produce methane gas contributing to global warming.

Choose to Reuse
PeopleTowels, an on-the-go alternative to paper towels, are reusable personal hand towels that make going green as easy as drying your hands. Made only of 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton.  B.Y.O.Towel™ to save trees, reduce landfill waste, cut CO2 emissions and conserve water. The point their company drives home is There is No "Away" in Throw Away!
Watch their story and see how we can work together to reduce the 13 B pounds of paper towels that are tossed in the landfill each year. To get your and be part of the movement go to peopletowels.com and use this promo code: ambassador002m3 to get 10% off of 2 or more People Towels!
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