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Filling Out Your Will Questionnaire

If you don't have a Will, you're not alone. Most of us are reluctant to talk about death, but preparing your Will could be the most important legal decision of your life. It empowers you to clarify your intentions, protect your family, and make your own decisions about how your estate will be handled.

Think it's complicated? It's really not. Just answer the spaces on the questionnaire that was sent to you in your welcome packet. (If you were directed to this page because you will be attending a Will preparation seminar then a packet will be provided to you at the event.) Then follow the simple instructions included in the packet outlining how to finalize your Will preparation.

What You'll Need To Fill Out Your Questionnaire

  • Copy of your Prenuptial Agreement (if applicable)
  • Names and birth dates of your children and grandchildren (if applicable)
  • The name and contact information of the person you've chosen to be guardian of your child(ren), the trustee(s) of their estate, and your personal representative/executor
  • To best serve you in completing your Will for estate tax purposes, you'll be asked to provide the approximate dollar amount of such  items as : your home, other real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and debts such as mortgages, loans, medical or others over $5,000.

Helpful Information Before You Get Started

  • The Will Questionnaire is NOT your Will. It will help your Provider Law firm prepare your Will. All questions applicable to you MUST be completed in their entirety in order to have your Will prepared.
  • If you need more space to answer a question, attach a separate, sheet and indicate the question number to which it pertains.
  • If you have questions while filling out the form, don't hesitate to call your Provider Law Firm at the number on your membership card or ask the instructor during the seminar.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • In order to meet each person's unique needs, you must fill out a Will Questionnaire for the person with the membership and a second Questionnaire for the spouse, partner, or significant other.
  • A great deal of personal information is requested in your Will Questionnaire. Without all of the information requested, your Provider Law Firm can't ensure your wishes will occur or that the most comprehensive estate planning options have been advised. All information you provide them will remain strictly confidential.
  • If you own property jointly with another person as "joint tenants with right of survivorship," your interest in the property will pass to the survivor upon your death. It will not pass according to the terms of your Will. If you own property jointly with another person without right of survivorship, your interest in that property will pass according to the provisions in the Will. Note: Idaho and Louisiana residents, contact your Provider Law Firm for information particular to your state.
  • You should know that decisions you have already made regarding title to property will determine distribution of that property in the future. Will provisions cannot alter those decisions. A beneficiary designation is a binding contractual obligation and a Will provision will not alter that designation. Beneficiary designations in life insurance policies, retirement plans, annuities, bank accounts with a named "Due on death" (DOD) beneficiary, etc., will determine who recieves those moneys upon your death, not your Will.
  • If you have a named beneficiary real/immovable property which is mortgaged, that property will generally pass under your Will to the beneficiary subject to the debt secured by the mortgage. If you wish to leave the property free and clear of the mortgage debt, you must include a provision in  your Will directing the debt to be paid from the other assets of your estate, provided sufficient assets are available. Note: Louisiana residents, contact your Provider Law Firm for information particular to your state.
  • Funeral Arrangements- Rather than including your funeral wishes in your Will, which often isn't read until after your funeral, it's best to make your wishes known to loved ones in writing prior to your death.
  • Federal States Taxes- If you have a taxable estate with a market value in excess of:                               - $3,500,000 (as of 2009) at the time of your death, your estate may be subject to estate tax at your death or later at the death of your spouse. Your taxable estate may include all life insurance on your life  and all joint tenancy property. Tax laws are constantly changing. If your taxable estate is larger than $1,000,000 you should consult with your Provider Law Firm regarding advanced tax planning tools available at a discounted rate.
  • State Inheritance Taxes- Your estate could be subject to state inheritance tax even if it isn't subject to federal taxation. Please ask your Provider Law Firm for further clarification.
  • Probate- Many people think that if your loved one had a Will prepared, they will be able to avoid the probate process. This is not necessarily the case. Please ask your Provider Law Firm for details about your state.

Dear Legal Shield, 
I'm writing to thank you for your firm's excellent preparation of my Last Will and Testament. [My lawyer] has been very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive to my calls and questions. Due to this excellent service, I am pleased to continue using Legal Shield and to recommend it to friends, family, and business associates.

Florida Member

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