Handy Flow Chart Helps Select Perfect Toy For The Little Girl Or Boy In Your Life

Larissa Waters has launched a campaign called No Gender December meant to bring awareness about the consequences of gender stereotypes in toys in the lead-up to Christmas, (but really this just makes good sense no matter what time of the year it is). She says “Children shouldn't have to conform to gender stereotypes. Boys might be interested in toys that are marketed as for girls and vice versa. This isn't about some toys being off limits. It’s about children being free to play with whatever toys interest them without fear of being judged or bullied,” Judith Elaine Blakemore is professor of psychology and associate dean of Arts and Sciences for Faculty Development at Indiana University−Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana through her research she has the following advice to offer to parents, teachers and anyone who works with children "If you want to develop children's physical, cognitive, academic, musical, and artistic skills, toys that are not strongly gender-typed are more likely to do this." Even a 5 year old has voiced her frustration on gender specific toy marketing you can check out  Riley's Pink Aisle Rant to hear her concerns.

Below you will find a handy guide on how to pick the perfect gift for the child in your life.


Why does gender-stereotyped toy marketing matter?

  • Kids should decide for themselves what they think is fun. Why put these limits on play?
  • Play matters. Children need a wide range of play to develop different skills.
  • Marketing matters. Directing consumers in this way is restricting children’s play.
  • The real world  has moved on. Gender stereotypes are tired and out of date.

Have you spotted the gender in your local toy aisles? Share your experiences below. 

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Make-up Tutorial for Janay Palmer Packs a Punch

If one jumps to conclusions before watching the video they can get easily offended. This Ray Rice Makeup Tutorial packs a punch the minute comedian Megan MacKay  puts her foundation on. She sheds insight on the footage released by TMZ of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée in the face and uses it as a platform to start a much-needed dialogue about domestic violence. 

 Since her video was a public service announcement cleverly disguised as edutainment and a make-up how-to she took the opportunity to included the following helpful links in her video description as well: Signs of an Abusive RelationshipWomen's Shelters in the U.S., and Women's Shelters in Canada.

If you are in an abusive relationship, contact a crisis counselor. They are one of the best and safest people to help you create your exit strategy. DO NOT tell your abuser you are leaving and be careful about who you do notify of your plans so you can get out safely and eliminate any additional risk.

You can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website to speak with a crisis counselor. See hyperlink below.

or call 1-800-799-7233

Be advised: This video uses female pronouns when referring to victims and male pronouns to refer to abusers. While incidents involving female victims and male abusers are more common (Nearly 3 in 10 women (29%) and 1 in 10 men (10%) in the US have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by a partner and report a related impact on their functioning according to The National Domestic Violence Hotline), it's important to note that domestic violence also occurs in same-sex relationships, and to people of all genders. While Megan might not be using gender-neutral language here, it's still important to keep these facts in mind. 

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The President Called Her a Bitch!

Olivia Pope just broke down the double-standard of the word 'Bitch' on ABC's hit show Scandal. This should come as no surprise to fans of Shondra Rhimes as she is known for making viewers think about taboo topics like sex, power, and gender roles.

 Here in this scene Fitz shows up at Olivia's door, ready for an argument because of his confrontation with Abby,Olivia's friend who now acts as Press Secretary for the White House. 

Calling a formidable woman a "bitch" is something our society is so apt to do. Men of equal rank and power are celebrated while women are cut down  and often compared to "trying to be a man". This only invalidates any power these women have creating barriers not only for the particular woman in question, but progress as a whole.

"Scandal" is a show filled with powerful women characters. What shows do you watch that have female characters that are celebrated for their power? 


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