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Angela Moore

Angela Moore’s positive approach to her work at Starfish PR is evident and infectious. Her enthusiasm for her clients and team spills over into everything she does. A self-described “marketing geek”, Moore has a combination of strengths that allow her to seamlessly brainstorm creative ideas and then put those ideas into action.


Diane Dye Hansen

Diane Dye Hansen is the Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching, a coaching firm that has helped people worldwide with their businesses, careers, mindsets, and profit margins. She brings to her clients more than 17 years of experience with a wide array of clients, ranging from top corporations, motivated entrepreneurs and individuals hungry for a fresh start. Her experience spans a diverse blend of industries, including: health care, publishing, media, entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, cosmetics, internet marketing, civic leadership and government. She serves on a number of boards in Carson City, Nevada and stays involved in community revitalization. Never one to abandon her creative side, you’ll also find her on acting on stage in both Carson City in Reno. She encourages her clients to set goals to live their whole life.


Janet Brent 

Janet is a graphic/web designer for indies in the holistic and creative arts. She is passionate about working with creative world changers and showing people how to march to their own beats. 


Jennie Mustafa-Julock

 Jennie (better known as Coach Jennie) The Audacity Coach, helps pretty awesome people elevate into extraordinary individuals with missions + lifestyles to match. A high-voltage speaker and writer, she is also the author of the illustrated, self-guided coaching program Audacity Rules: A Cathartic Shove Towards Self-Actualized Brilliance.


Susan Newman

Susan Newman is the CEO of Susan Newman Design Inc and a brand visibility designer. In 1994, Susan established her 
own company, Susan Newman Design, Inc. Branding YOU Better!, her motto and blog is about how logic, structure, continuity and style make a client look good.


Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. 

Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. is an economics blogger, futurist, and author of Transforming Economy: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities. He has written regularly for top alternative economics blogs, including and


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