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If you are a talented writer, have passion for business, entrepreneurship, financial literacy,social media, marketing and the Internet, then I’d love to have you contribute to my online community.

I am keeping an eye out for individuals who specialize in personal training who have tips for short, effective routines for the busy entrepreneurial lifestyle. Also, my readers would benefit from someone with extensive interpersonal communications and emotional IQ knowledge.

What Is In It For You? In exchange for your contribution, you will enjoy exposure to my international daily readers who visit this site, the opportunity to promote your own website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and email newsletter opt-in. 

All pieces should be actual useful information that is original and not simply a plug for you, your business, or any other commercial interests you are involved with.

If that resonates with you and you’re prepared to put the work in without asking for anything in return beyond kudos from our readers, please apply.

Here are the details:

What Is Required Of You?
  • You can write at least one article per month and are committed to meet this minimum standard for at least a year
  • If you can demonstrate this commitment over a trial of 6 months, you may qualify for columnist status , which includes a dedicated profile for your work on, opportunities to promote your own websites, products and services, as well as have your articles posted on all Nicole Bienfang social network profiles as and of course paid compensation.
  • Your articles must be a minimum of 500 words for standard articles, 1,000 for product reviews
  • Video contributions will be considered if your work is of a high standard
  • All content published on is unique and created by you, and only made available on this site, you cannot republish it online elsewhere.
  • You have successfully built (and continue to build) an online (and/or offline) business or project related to EntrepreneurshipInternet MarketingSelling Info Products OnlineBlogging or Personal Development
  • From your business endeavors you have earned (and are earning) a full time income (or equivalent)
These two criteria in addition to writing skills, experience and commitment are important as these will give you the ability to share, connect, teach and grow on a weekly basis with our readers.

Send me links to your previous work, I’ll take a look and then let you know if I think you would be a good fit. If so, you begin a trial period by submitting some original work over a period of 6 months, at least one article per month to demonstrate your consistent high quality output.

If you have any questions, please ask when you apply.

Send your applications by submitting your information to my Contact form.


As a trusted administrator of group legal plans, our services are the logical choice for brokers and consultants to offer. We know that you’re looking to carry the most attractive and value-added plans for your clients, and I offer one of the easiest-to-use, functional and affordable voluntary benefits on the market. Whether you work with individuals, trade unions, associations or large, small companies our line of legal plans service any client base that you target.

Health Insurance Brokers Can Find New Business With Our Plans
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 established a healthcare insurance exchange that allows individuals to choose their own plans, effectively eliminating the need for many brokers and consultants who sell to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. This Act promises to have far-reaching effects on the viability of many insurance brokers and consultants across the country.

Prepaid legal plans (aka Legal Insurance in some states) have stability and longevity for your brokerage or consulting business. I can help you supplement your health insurance business with prepaid legal plans that are cost effective and benefit-rich. For this and many other reasons, prepaid legal services are quickly becoming the chosen products of brokers and consultants nationwide.

Why Offer Legal  services?
Our plans help your clients save money by increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism and boosting morale. In addition, our legal  services can help companies improve their employee benefit package in order to attract quality candidates.

With our company's experience in all types of industries (manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotech, banking, finance, service, nonprofit, administrative and more), you can trust that these legal plans are ideal for all of your clients. Unlike traditional types of insurance prepaid legal and identity theft/credit monitoring products that are affordable and useful to all of your clients show their value from the first day of enrollment.

The services are easy to administer and simple for members to use. I understand that you’re constantly looking for a way to stand out among the competition and the legal plan that we offer, as well as the Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plans are the perfect products to help you do just that.

To find out more, fill out my contact form for a speedy response.

Insurance Professionals

Would you like to market a unique, affordable service that people can use NOW? Our cutting edge legal plans offer access to quality law firms with experienced lawyers. Plan benefits include:
  • Legal Advice
  • Contract/Document Review
  • Getting a Will
  • Living Will
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • and so much more!

We are passionate about developing relationships with brokers and other independent professionals. We specialize in bringing simple, yet valuable benefits to the marketplace. Whether you're a large, medium, or small sized agency we can bring value to your clients, and to your bottom line. Life is more complicated today that it was even a few years ago. In 2010, our legal plan company received 2.1 million requests for legal service. 16.2 percent were for Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Issues and Foreclosure. Other issues ranking in the top areas of request for service included:
  • Consumer Finance
  • Family Law
  • Traffic Issues
  • Collections
Complicated = Less Productive Employees
Employees who are distracted by life issues are less productive, more likely to call in sick, and more likely to address personal matters while at work.

What if you were the one offering the new employee benefit to your clients that takes a complicated world and makes it a little less complicated? What if you could do it at little or no cost to your client?

What We Offer:

For Brokers:
  • Increase Revenue/Profit
  • Low, or No, Cost to Your Client
  • Unique High Demand Product
  • Reconnect With Existing Clients
  • Open New Accounts
  • Simple Application
  • No Assigned Territories
  • No Continuing Education Requirements in the Majority of States
  • No Underwriting Requirements
For Employers:
  • Low, or No, Cost Benefits Package Enhancement
  • Paperless Billing Options
  • No Claims Forms
  • Electronic and Web Enrollment Options
  • Less Stressed Employees
  • Enhances Workplace Morale
For Employees:
  • Access to Legal Counsel and Other Legal Services
  • Access to Identity Theft Restoration
  • Benefits That Can Be Used Immediately
  • Reduce Stress
  • Peace of Mind
  • Saves Money
We have affiliation/compensation arrangements to fit almost any entity. Let us help you put this into place in your organization today.

To find out more, fill out my contact form for a speedy response.
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