Kiss Bliss

Our world is hurting right now. The environment, the economy, people, everything. It is clear something has got to change or else we will cause our own extinction and relatively soon. 

I propose a collective state of bliss, love, and happiness. Not as a solution, but as a springboard into the changes we must take in order to create a better future.

Throughout history and observed by different cultures it is clear that the energy which we carry has an effect on not only our lives,but others collectively as a whole. The Chinese use Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Indians use Kundalini, the Japanese have Reiki. Dr. David Hawkins discusses this in his book Power vs. Force. Dr. William Braud through his study of blood cells found how our body's vibrational frequency effects the body. Dr. Masaru Emoto found how energy effected nature.

So, what will we do collectively on November 18th between the start and end time you ask? Kiss! Not just kiss, but be lost in the moment. Have feelings of love towards the participant you are kissing. To express your feelings and press them towards the other.

No need to kiss for 30 minutes straight (although you can, if you like). Anyone can kiss or be kissed. You don't have to kiss a significant other. Family, friends, and pets are always options and likely just as grateful for a kiss.

Since everyone is in a different time zone we will more or less have "shifts" where bliss and love are felt intensely all over the world for a time frame of 30 minutes.

Hopefully with enough participants we will raise all of our vibrational frequencies to one of the highest levels a human can experience. The higher we are on the Scale of Consciousness collectively the more likely love, joy, abundance and solutions to our most pressing issues will unfold into all of our lives.

Sure you can look at this and think it is "hippie", "new age-y", or just "absurd", but what does it hurt to kiss and show love?

Who knows a better future could be started due in part to YOU!


November 18, 2014 at 6:00pm - 6:05pm

Will you come?