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What Others Have to Say About My Advice and Expertise:

Thanks for your comprehensive answer. A lot of what you said has given me food for thought! I am as you say, very new to the world of the self employed and will certainly consider hiring a qualified accountant in the future,especially when I do my tax returns.- Peter K

I had the pleasure of having Nicole in my classes and I highly recommend her. Effective, outgoing, smart, great people 's person, and with all the right values, she is a great asset for any organization.- Robert Gramilllano

Great and timely answers to help me get started on the road to entrepreneurship, thank you so much! I'll be sure to ask you when more questions arise. Really amazing input!- Nick

Nicole has provided us with an unforgettable slogan that defines and describes our company in a mere 4 words. It has become our company’s tagline and can be dropped into any conversation to better describe our company and what it does. Before Nicole, we weren't even certain if such a concise phrase was possible to describe our complex business.Nicole has proved us wrong, by showing us it was achievable, providing the perfect fit. We never imagined to be this excited about something so simple! Thanks Nicole for doing such a phenomenal job!- Pixel Revenue

Fantastic! Thanks for the help!-Bunny

She was extremely insightful, She gave me exactly what I was looking for, but also added a little more.  Even though she thoroughly answered my question, based on the information that I gave her, she gave me new ideas.  She was awesome.- Keoulen

 That was my worry, exactly.  Thanks for your input, suggestions and that slice of motivation.  :)- Carol

 Thanx so much for the Info Nicole.It helped me a lot.- Rameez

Thanks a lot!!- John

Nicole took my question very serioulsy and gave me a more than adequate response. We may continue to work together as a result of my contacting her.- David

 Thanks for the friendly reply. - Dina

Gave great and candid answers. Thanks Nicole. I am now in the process of meeting with existing business owner's to find out more.- Lynn

 Many thanks to you. The answer was very helpful. I took notice of all that you have pointed out. I have to and I will work out on these. Once again thanking you.- Krishna

Thank you for your quick response and assistance. I will be in touch.- Lucille

Great answer, the knowledge and advice will be thought about a great deal!- Candi

You are awesome!!! Thank You So much for helping me. I will be in contact. - Richard

Someone who takes the time to be thorough and can help with all aspects of my questions! Also, someone who can be blunt and not "sugar coat" what needs to be said, so it is all easily interpreted correctly. A friendly demeanor as well! Cant go wrong asking Ms. Bienfang a question!- Kenneth

Wow, i didn't expect such an amazing answer, seriously! Anyway, I will follow your advice and get back to you a.s.a.p. thanks! :)- Ryan: Budding 17 yr. old Entrepreneur

Thank you so much. Wonderful, insightful, and truly knowledgeable. Quick response too. Very helpful and knowledgeable all around. Seems to care by thoroughly answering your questions.- Connie

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