The President Called Her a Bitch!

Olivia Pope just broke down the double-standard of the word 'Bitch' on ABC's hit show Scandal. This should come as no surprise to fans of Shondra Rhimes as she is known for making viewers think about taboo topics like sex, power, and gender roles.

 Here in this scene Fitz shows up at Olivia's door, ready for an argument because of his confrontation with Abby,Olivia's friend who now acts as Press Secretary for the White House. 

Calling a formidable woman a "bitch" is something our society is so apt to do. Men of equal rank and power are celebrated while women are cut down  and often compared to "trying to be a man". This only invalidates any power these women have creating barriers not only for the particular woman in question, but progress as a whole.

"Scandal" is a show filled with powerful women characters. What shows do you watch that have female characters that are celebrated for their power? 


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