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I am happiest when I'm: in the moment.

People see me as: a person without judgement.

I want to help because: our world is in need of some major healing.

My philosophy on life is: we are all far greater than we give ourselves credit for.

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Beta Tester Sign-Up

If you are looking at this page you have expressed interest in trying out my newly redesigned website and giving me feedback on the layout, design and general utility of my site. All of my Beta Testers are given a trial membership for a month which is just enough time to try out my main program FML! also known as the Fix My Life Program.

“Having no plan “is like leaping off a precipice and trying to knit yourself a parachute on the way down.”

― Kelli Jae Baeli, Armchair Detective

In the program you will discover your key desires to the 5 major parts of your life. As you move through the phases you will start to see the deeper meaning behind the goals that you posses.Together we will mold your goals into positive laser focused directives.Your passions will be reignited through this process. As partners in your journey we will discuss the importance of how tiny steps in the right direction are far better than great leaps in all directions and how this applies to you and your ambitions.

You will narrow your large list of intentions down to the ones that truly matter and will elevate you personally and professionally to your new upgraded life!

I will help you make your goals more attainable, by supplying the tools you need along the way. The program is simple and comprehensive and will move at your own pace. This is a proven system that has worked at helping many business people, entrepreneurs, organizations and leaders achieve their dreams and aspirations.
This program is for you if:
-You have been getting information from all different sources, but feel overwhelmed with where to start.
-You have experienced the crippling paralysis of analysis.
-You are unhappy with your current lifestyle.
-You know changes need to be made, but don't really feel you have the motivation to get it done.

I look forward to all of your feedback and helping you discover the key desires you have in your life that you might not even know you have. This is going to be awesome!

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Your Core Concerns

I do not just help people for an hour or a day, I help them for a lifetime. Through the products and services on this site you will learn and develop skills that will bring you closer to your ideal lifestyle.

If you are a new client interested in any of the Core Concerns products or services below I highly suggest you start with the Fix My Life Blueprint Program as it is the firm foundation that makes all the other programs work.


Fix My Life Blueprint Program

If you are interested in the Fix My Life Blueprint Program chances are you have some prominent goals in mind that you want to achieve. Developing your FML Blueprint is the best way that I've found to ensure I achieve my most important objectives and I know it can do the same for you!

Your blueprint once completed will be a short document that clearly states your goals for the foreseeable future. Together you and I will systematically break down your goals into the four P's: Positive, Pressing, Particular, and Precise; next actions for you to accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so you can incrementally make your dreams a reality!

In order to make the best use of your time and energy (after-all it is finite for all of us), this program will help you discover what it is you want out of life in the most efficient way possible and create a clear plan of action on how to get there. Having a concise and clear plan is critical to your achievement of getting those things you desire, especially if someone is helping you achieve them (like me!). Don't believe me? Check out this study.

This exercise helps you effectively identify what you really want and focus on the things that really matter to help you attain them. What it entails is a simple  5-Phase process that will help you arrive at what is really important to you. With this vital information it will be made absolutely clear what you need to focus on and we can work together to construct the projects that will make up your personal blueprint plan. We will only focus on the projects that will make the largest positive impact on your life. Once your blueprint is drafted you will be more readily able to access that laser focus you have always had,but that has been clouded by not having the clarity you have always needed.



 Get your financial house in order and start down your own personal path of prosperity, abundance and success.


Find information on mental health, wellness practices, healthy diet routines, fitness techniques to help you build a stronger, slimmer body, and even ways to prevent the effects of aging that fit your busy lifestyle.

Skills/Personal Growth

Learn to carry out  tasks in efficient and effective ways that save you time and money. Develop your time management, teamwork, leadership and self motivation skills. Produce meaningful and long lasting change where you become more aware of yourself and others, build on your strengths and increase the chances of you fulfilling your full potential in life.


Find expert advice on making connections, communicating better, and resolving issues in the various types of relationships a person can have in their life. Create strong, healthy relationships that can act as a support system you can rely on.


Find the time to enjoy life and live in the moment. Discover what makes you happy and maintain that mindset and feeling of well-being and contentment.