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Academic English Editing

We edit papers and theses for students, graduate students, and professors at leading universities around the world writing in English, at affordable rates.  [email protected], www.academicenglishediting.com.

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msPad - Medical Shorthand Keypad

Healthcare providers are experiencing the clunky transition to Electronic Health Records. I too am a Healthcare provider, experiencing firsthand the frustration of no longer being able to use symbols in charting and going electronic at the same time. I am not a typist and miss the convenience of using symbols while charting.
I knew there had to be a faster, more accurate way to enter data. That is how I conceived the idea for the msPad. Designed by a healthcare provider for healthcare providers, and designed to be exceptionally user friendly, with an extremely small learning curve.
The msPad, the world's first and only medical shorthand keypad contains 20 common symbols used in everyday charting. Press the symbol, the entire word prints onto your document, significantly reducing data entry time, while simultaneously increasing accuracy, and offering significant advantages to the transition to Electronic Health Records.
An app is currently available for the iPad in the iTunes store.
Licensing options are available and with over 878,000 Drs., 2.7 million registered nurses, 185,000 physical therapists, 105,000 respiratory therapists, not counting all the other medical professions, the immediate market is expected to be in excess of 5 million units.
Sandy Ingold
[email protected]

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