Identity Theft Services

It's Not a Matter of "If" It's a Matter of When

Are you aware of the serious toll identity theft can take on your life? Identity thieves target millions of Americans, even children, each year. Thieves can wreak havoc on finances, credit history, cause time off work and a great deal of stress trying to resolve the matter. Take action now against this devastating crime with the Identity Theft ShieldSM from Legal id_theft.jpgShield. Our valuable services include licensed experts that will step in and assist you in resolving your identity theft issue, so you can get back to work and back to your life.
It's one of the fastest growing crimes in America today; in fact, according to the Federal Trade Commission, an estimated 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. We're all at risk. Identity theft is a devastating crime that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and take years to resolve. It can mean hours of time off work, stress, despair, and frustration.

When an identity thief strikes, the emotions can feel similar to those experienced during a house fire. All of a sudden, everything you've worked for is threatened. If your home were on fire, would you want the fire department to send you brochures about how to put out the fire, then follow up with brochures about how to rebuild? Of course not. You'd want them to jump in the truck, turn on the sirens, and bring the water! Identity Theft ShieldSM puts the experts in the field of identity restoration on your side.

You'll get so much more than "do it yourself" information with Legal Shield's Identity Theft ShieldSM.

Are you ready to take charge of your future? Unlike some of the other options available today, the Identity Theft ShieldSM is not a do-it-yourself kit that depends on time off work and away from family to get this serious crime resolved. 

  • Access your credit report and score quickly and conveniently online, through our secure website.
  • The world's leading risk consulting agency, Kroll, Inc. will monitor your credit file and suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection.
  • You have the experts on your side! Just call the toll-free number on the back of your Identity Theft ShieldSM card, to speak with a trained expert. They will help you determine if you are a victim of identity theft, and provide expert restoration services for you, so you can get back to work and back to your life.

AND, our Identity Theft ShieldSM can be conveniently coupled with a Legal Shield Plan, which gives you access to experienced lawyers who can advise you on legal issues that surface, including identity theft related legal issues, and so much more!

Don't face this devastating crime alone; get the experts on your side! Enroll today!

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